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itsme® Identity Scheme

The itsme® Scheme is a set of rules and technical standard for the usage of Digital Identity. All necessary topics are provided to ensure a perfect experience towards all End-Users with respect of his/her Privacy and Security rules.

Belgian Mobile ID created an open ecosystem that allows all parties wishing to do so to become a Member of the itsme® Scheme.

The different roles as a Member

Identity Registrar

to provide the secure process to identify itsme® users and provide up-to-date Identity Information.

SIM Controller

to provide the additional hardware security element which can be used to further raise security. Telecom providers that are “Full Mobile Network Operator” can act as SIM Controller

Service Provider or Value Added Resellers

to offer itsme® Services on Web-applications, platforms, IoT or apps.

itsme® Scheme

The 4 services itsme® is providing


Creating a new account or applying a KYC-process can now happen in a blink of an eye thanks to the Shared Data of itsme®. Receive access to verified and up-to-date ID data (eID data, mobile phone number, e-mail).


This service allows End-Users to log in on website, app, IoT, network,… with itsme® quickly and safely. It also enables End-Users to create an account without ID data sharing or link an existing account with itsme®.


A strong customer authentication (PSD2 compliant) that allows End-Users to approve order, action, transaction or payment with itsme®.


The Qualified Electronic Signature solution (following eIDAS regulation) is the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature.

itsme® Identity Scheme


The itsme® Rulebook, the set of rules by which the Members of the itsme® Scheme must operate, has been drawn up by Belgian Mobile ID and provides

  • the rules and regulations that define the relationship between Belgian Mobile ID and its Members, the relationship between the Members, and their role in the itsme® Services
  • the governance model how the Scheme itself will remain secure, easy to use, in line with (new) regulations and evolve with market expectations
Specific documentation

In addition to the Rulebook, the relations between Belgian Mobile ID and each specific Member are also governed by the specific Agreement entered into by the Member as

  • Identity Registrar
  • SIM Controller
  • Service Provider/Value Added Reseller

More information hereunder.

General Policy

For all Members of the itsme® ecosystem the overall governance as applied by Belgian Mobile ID is specified in the General Policy rulebook document with

  • Overview of all Documentation on itsme® and the itsme® Scheme
  • Composition of the Rulebook and Hierarchy of the documents
  • Binding Force of the Rulebook and severability
  • Applicable rules for members, general and specific per member role

Specific documentation applicable to the Identity Registrar

If you would like to contribute to the itsme® ecosystem as an Identity Registrar, and you already have a trustworthy process to identify users, please contact our Scheme Manager

[email protected]  

Specific documentation applicable to the SIM Controller

If you would like to contribute to the itsme® Ecosystem as an MNO SIM Controller, and you already are a Full M(V)NO in the countries where we provide our solution, please contact our Scheme Manager

[email protected]  

Specific documentation applicable to the Service Providers / Value added reseller

Customers can use itsme® Services in different setups:
  • directly, by integrating their applications (website, platform, IoT, app,…) directly with itsme® through OpenID Connect
  • indirectly, by integrating via our network of Reseller that will be able to integrate their applications with itsme® through OpenID Connect or with a Value Added Resellers that has integrated itsme® in their platform(s)
The Technical and Functional documentation required to integrate itsme® Services, can be consulted here:

To start using itsme® Services, a Service Provider agreement has to be in place, that will ao. refer to following specific information:

  • An overall description of the itsme® Services that are made available:
Identification (sharing of ID data)
Sign (Qualified Electronic Signature)
  • Specific Data Privacy provisions, specifying the roles and obligations of the parties
  • Specific obligations of Belgian Mobile ID and of the Service Providers
  • Termination rights, and applicable principles

For more information, please contact us.